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FDIC Notice

Important Information About Deposit Insurance Coverage 

Merchants & Marine Bancorp, Inc. is a family of brands in the Gulf Shore region of the United States. Divisions of Merchant & Marine Bank are not separately FDIC insured. The combined amounts you have on deposit with Merchants & Marine Bank and Mississippi River, Division of Merchants & Marine are considered insured by the same depository institution, namely Merchants & Marine Bank. Basic FDIC insurance coverage for deposit accounts (checking, savings, money market, and certificates of deposit) is $250,000. 

You may qualify for more than $250,000 in coverage at Merchants & Marine Bank and its associated divisions if you own deposit accounts in different ownership categories. The most common ownership categories for individual and family deposits are single accounts, joint accounts, revocable trust accounts, and certain retirement accounts. 

For information on insurance coverage limits on your accounts at Merchants & Marine Bank and how to qualify for more insurance coverage, visit the FDIC’s website, https://www.fdic.gov/. The FDIC also has an easy-to-use online tool called EDIE (Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator) The Estimator. To access EDIE The Estimator, go to https://edie.fdic.gov/

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